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Human Resource Consulting

As a member benefit, Mr. Paul Schaber of The Management Trust is on retainer for SKCDS members to answer 20-30 minutes of Human Resource questions. If more extensive consultation is required, members may retain Mr. Schaber to help assist them with their practice's needs.

Email Paul Schaber

Peer Review

The Peer Review Committee meets once a year and is open to any member volunteer who has been practicing for at least five years. The committee operates within the WSDA Peer Review Procedure Manual and provides free mediation for patients who have quality of care concerns about a member's treatment. Patients are able to start Peer Review cases by either contacting SKCDS by phone or submitting a Patient Complaint through the WSDA Portal.

Continuing Education Classes

To renew their dental license, a dentist is required by the Washington State Legislature (WAC 246-817-440) to complete 63 hours of continuing education every three years. SKCDS sponsors several continuing education classes each year; to peruse and register for upcoming eligible programs, click here.

For CE licensure requirement questions, refer to the WSDA CE FAQ.

Resources for Staying Informed

Between the SKCDS Weekly Update (sent every Wednesday), the Society Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages, and the Quarterly Magazines and Member Resource Guide, we have many platforms for distributing relevant information to you. If you can't find the information you're looking for on these platforms, you can always call our member-only line at 206.448.6620.

Patient Referral Service

The SKCDS office maintains an up-to-date listing of all members, by geographic location and specialty, for referral to the general public. With the ADA computer referral system, we can access a highly detailed database for referrals to over 1,700 Society members. The office also maintains listings for all area clinics, health department services and other resources for reduced cost dental care.