Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to joining your colleagues as members of the Seattle-King County Dental Society. Not only do you have opportunities to meet your peers through regularly scheduled social functions, membership meetings and scientific seminars, but we have outlined some of the courtesies and programs available to our members below.

If you have any questions regarding benefits, or are interested in applying for membership please contact us today!

Legislative Benefits

Make your voice heard! To find your legislator, visit the Washington State Legislature site and enter your address.

Educational Benefits

Continuing Dental Education

The Seattle-King County Dental Society sponsors regular continuing dental education programs for its members and for all members of the dental team. The programs are planned and executed by the Program and Continuing Dental Education Committee. Members are encouraged to attend these programs and to serve on this active committee. Information about programs for the coming year is contained in this Membership Guide. For further information about the programs contact the Central Office at 206.448.6620. As always, SKCDS is committed to offering excellent programs at very reasonable fees.

New Dentist Programs

Starting in January of each year, the Society offers a social get-together and monthly series of free programs for New Dentists. The programs are evening meetings with speakers presenting topics that are of special interest to New Dentists. These evening programs are preceded with food and beverages and are open to all SKCDS members under 40 and or have been out of dental school for 10 years or less.


Members keep current on Society activities with the Seattle-King County Dental Society Quarterly, produced four times a year.  The annual Membership Guide is published in the fall and includes a directory of all members. Both publications are mailed to SKCDS members.

Patient Related Services

Patient Referral Service

The Central Office maintains an up-to-date listing of all members, by geographic location and specialty, for referral to the general public. With a computer referral system linked directly with the ADA, we can access a highly detailed database for referrals to over 1,300 Society members. The office also maintains listings for all area clinics, health department services, and other resources for reduced dental care. DSHS referrals are handled by the DSHS Toll Free Line 1.800.562.3022. Please call this number to list your office with the Toll Free Line or for information on how to become a DSHS provider.

Dental Health Month Activities

Seattle-King County Dental Society's Access Committee determines the direction of our Dental Health Month activities. Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) is a month-long campaign to reach children with a message of good oral health and hygiene practices. Members are encouraged to offer free screenings and services to children in their geographic area. Children may receive x-rays, fillings, cleanings, sealants and restorations and can be identified through their schools, Boys and Girls Clubs and other community groups.  Additionally, members are encouraged to speak at school and community groups promoting good oral health and hygiene education. The Society can support members in these educational outreach efforts.

Peer Review Committee

The Society's Peer Review Committee offers, free of charge, to the patient and member dentist, a well-organized system to hear complaints through the Peer Review system as established by the WSDA. This process is available only to patients seeing member dentists. If the dentist is not a member the patient is referred to the Dental Quality Assurance Commission. If you have any questions about Peer Review, please call the Central Office at 206.448.6620.

Public Information Programs

The Society Central Office maintains a constant liaison with all media resources in King County. Media resources are provided with up-to-date information on all aspects of dental care. Additionally, the Society provides printed materials to the public at no charge in conjunction with media promotions. These promotions include Public Service Announcements to all television and radio stations in King County.

Dental Management Resources

The Management Trust

Since January 1, 2003, the Society has offered members assistance with employee relations and human resources services through an arrangement with Paul Schaber, president of The Management Trust. He provides practical advice on how an employer can deal with employee problems and avoid legal jeopardy. Mr. Schaber is not an attorney; therefore for legal answers, members are referred to their attorney. Call the Central Office at 206.448.6620 for contact information.

Insurance Coverage - Liability and Property

SKCDS endorses Professional Liability Coverage through TDIC and WDIA. For information and materials about this excellent coverage, either contact the Central Office at 206.448.6620 or call WDIA at 206.441.6824. Click HERE for more information.

Bank of America Practice Solutions

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1    All programs are subject to credit approval and loan amounts are subject to credit worthiness. Some restrictions may apply.
2  To be eligible for this reduction, applicants must provide association name and membership number at time of approval.
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