Agreement Reached in Delta Dental of Washington Lawsuit (Source: WSDA Blog & Email Blast)

A New Beginning with Delta Dental: Today we are excited to announce an important accomplishment in our ongoing dental benefits advocacy on behalf of you and your patients.

After months of negotiation, we have come to an agreement with Washington Dental Service (referred to as “Delta”) on significant amendments to Delta’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws which address the underlying concerns that brought WSDA and Drs. Bradshaw, Irwin and Russell to file a lawsuit against Delta in January 2019. In addition, Delta and WSDA have written a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that outlines the organizations’ commitments to work together on several issues of significance to Washington’s dental community, including addressing the state’s critical dental hygienist and dental assistant shortages.

This settlement, which must be approved by Delta member dentists, is a transformational victory for patients and dentists.

FOR FULL DETAILS (and Link to the WSDA Blog Post)...
WSDA Delta Settlement Blog

​SKCDS Dentists - N95 masks at (Online Only)

Dateline September 27th @ 7 PM - Source WSDA

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COVID-19 Rates Among Dentists

New Report from JADA

ADA study finds COVID-19 rate among dentists less than one percent

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2018 Survey of Dental Fees

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Welcome to the Seattle-King County Dental Society!

The Seattle-King County Dental Society is a membership organization of almost 1,700 dentists practicing in King County, Washington. We are a component society of the Washington State Dental Association and the American Dental Association.  If you would like to learn more about the dental society, please click here.

Our dentists enjoy numerous member benefits from their tripartite membership. To apply for membership, visit our Membership Application page or contact us for more information.

During the COVID crisis, SKCDS in an effort to help the ​WHOLE dental profession is offering CDE courses to all dentists. ​On SKCDS's Home Page ​we will post COVID specific information & courses. For a complete listing of ​upcoming SKCDS sponsored and co-sponsored ​courses ​with links to previously recorded presentations - please navigate to the Continuing Education area.


Dr. Rhonda Savage - October 6th - Member Meeting

“Understanding your Dental Team’s Journey: Motivating Yourself, Your Staff and Your Patients!”

 SKCDS welcomes the nationally recognized speaker, author, and dentist - Dr. Rhonda Savage to kick-off our first Member Meeting of the SKCDS program year. Dr. Savage will address working with ​our dental teams ​during these challenging times. Team dynamics are ever changing, as is the ebb and flow of ​our dental practices. While this is normal, these times are anything but normal. What can ​dentists do? This fast-paced, thought-provoking, fun session will cover essential communications tools that are critical for our teams, including:

· Productive, educational, participative team meetings

· Merit reviews, your budget and bonus

· Goal setting for now and the future

· Training and accountability

· Fun stuff!

The meeting begins at 6:30. Click on the link below to register. During registration member dentists desiring CDE credit should provide: 1. Name, 2. ADA Number, 3. Email Address, 4. ONLY IF calling in - Cell Number. Non-member dentists may call Sandra at (206) 448-6620 and for a nominal fee we will assist with registration so that you receive CDE credit. For SKCDS to match registrations with participants and award CDE, please make sure your Screen Name matches or is indicative of registration information. SKCDS recommends using a Zoom screen-based log in vs. phone (audio only) as it makes awarding CDE and verifying attendance easier. If you use a phone (audio only): 1. Please provide that phone number during registration; 2. Registration for Phone access will end 24 hours prior to the event; 3. Call in early, as phone numbers will need to be verified off the registration list (take longer) before being admitted to the Zoom Meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. SKCDS Members can participate at no charge.

Thanks to our sponsors Big Sky Northwest and Tyler Jones of Helsell Fetterman LLP for supporting this SKCDS program.

Register in advance for this meeting:
ZOOM Registration Link

Agenda for October 6th Meeting

​docx icon2020-10-06 Agenda.docx


Your Success fuels SKCDS Success - Under the Member Login drop down menu - go to RESOURCES and SKCDS has compiled a list of vendors with PPE supplies for your offices. Our Members requested this information, SKCDS Leadership ​listened and we are providing ​dentists the resources to help protect our patients, the public, your team and yourself. We are better - together.
Drs. Baruffi, Christianl. Trembly, Kennedy, Skigaki and many more working for our dentists and profession

Fit Testing for PPE is Underway!

SKCDS in ​partnership with WSDA, has gathered, and trained, a group of volunteers to provide Fit Tests to King County dental offices. This service is FREE to members. For non-members, we request a donation of $100, per office, to purchase supplies so the program may continue. To schedule a fit test for your office, go to the "Members Login" ​Drop Down Tab - select "Resources", there members will find ​a list of volunteers. Contact 1-2 volunteers located geographically closest to your office. Volunteers will schedule their own testing visits based upon availability. Non-member dental offices can contact SKCDS to make a donation and ​gain access to the names of Fit Test volunteers. We ask that dental offices coordinate with their Fit Test volunteers to mitigate risks. Depending on the number of people needing to be fit tested, the test fit process takes about 1 hour to complete. For more information or if a non-member dentist, please contact Sandra at or call 206-448-6620.

SKCDS Delegates Working Hard Representing ​our Dental Profession

The dedicated SKCDS Delegates to the WSDA House have already met twice on our behalf, prior to a special “Ballot without Meeting” next week starting on 7/23. The SKCDS Delegation previously sent a letter to the WSDA Board asking to separate the motion for a virtual meeting from the call to postpone elections until 2021. WSDA responded that they will forward SKCDS concerns to their Board who will decide on this at their upcoming meeting. SKCDS delegates are scheduled to attend a third meeting 7/22 for a question & answer session with WSDA. Here are the three resolutions that WSDA has proposed for consideration prior to the 2000 HOD. Your delegates are volunteers who are all working overtime this year to represent SKCDS member dentists – please help them make dentistry the best possible profession for us all.


FREE PPE RESOURCE: King County Public Health

Certain PPEs are in Short Supply everywhere, another source that has been "partially" working is King County Public Health - would recommend dentists apply for PPEs from this resource with an understanding that you will probably not receive everything you request.

All weekly PPE requests must be submitted every Wednesday by 12pm at Please make sure to put your facility's address on the request because King County will not deliver to residential addresses. Additionally, King County will NOT provide PPE outside of its jurisdiction.

King County Public Health prioritizes PPE deliveries based on the State's tiering guideline (per Washing State Dept. of Health, dental facilities were Tier #2 at time of this posting last week of May).

(For the APPLICATION FORM) after following the link above
Scroll Down to the paragraph heading...
"Do you need supplies or staff for the COVID-19 response? "
Then click on link for the EXCEL file that will act as the Application Form for requesting supplies
Submit as instructed

Update 6/5: Submitted test order week of May 5/27, received confirmation email 9 day later on 6/5 - for partial fulfillment of that order - with an estimated delivery window of 5-6 days from confirmation. So a net total of 14-16 days. 

SKCDS Member Only Vendors List

SKCDS has a list of mainly local vendors whom are listed behind the membership log-in that may have PPE supplies that you may purchase.

​List updated  5/22 with 4 new VENDORS to help ​SKCDS's members obtain the PPEs they need

SKCDS ​Job Board is ​Now Live


Want to List an Opening or Availability:  Log in to the Members Only RESOURCE section and follow the instructions on how to post a job listing(s) or an individual's availability to the Job Board. 

corona virus image

COVID-19  Resources for Members

See below ​for a regularly updated list of upcoming COVID-19 related classes

**Please see our "Continuing Education" section for a full list of past webinars**

Human Resource Questions?

Mr. Paul Schaber ​of The Management Trust can answer 20-30 minutes of HR questions for SKCDS members. To access th​is ​MEMBER BENEFIT - log into SKCDS's Resources "Home Page" for contact information.

Washington AGD presents "WAGD Stay Home, Stay Healthy CE"! Complimentary for all Dental Professionals.

SKCDS would like to thank EVERYONE at the WAGD for CDE during the shut down.

ADA Continues to Fight the Opioid Epidemic 

• National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

•The ADA addresses the opioid crisis -  Read the statement