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New Members

Please fill out the application you will find at the link below. If you have any trouble, please contact Martina Torres

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Lapsed Members

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If you haven't been a member for more than 18 months, we would love to have you re-join the Tripartite!  All you need to do is complete the membership application below and follow the steps for new members listed above. 

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Graduate Students or Dental Residents

If you are a Graduate Student or Dental Resident, please use the specialized application form linked below. This includes additional fields for your program. You will receive free membership to the Tripartite throughout the duration of your program.

Membership Application

Once the form has been processed by the state office it will be sent to the Seattle-King County Dental Society. You will begin to receive communications from the tripartite – the ADA, WSDA and SKCDS. This will include journals and newsletters from all three organizations, email announcements and your membership packet. The membership packet will provide you with access to the SKCDS members-only website, helpful information about events and continuing dental education courses as well as other relevant information from our merchant partners.

We look forward to including you in our community of over 1,700 members in the Seattle-King County area. Thank you for your interest!