Membership Application

New Members

The Membership application process is relatively simple. Please start by filling out the application you will find below. Once the application is filled out, forward it to Rachal Gunderson, ​membership ​coordinator, at the Washington State Dental Association. Her email is You are also welcome to fax the form to 206.443.9266 or mail it to: 126 NW Canal Street, Seattle, WA 98107.

Membership Application

Lapsed Members

(Haven't been a member for 18 months or longer)

If you haven't been a member for more than 18 months, we would love to have you re-join the Tripartite!  All you need to do is complete the membership application below and follow the steps for new members listed above. 

Membership Application

Once the form has been processed by the state office it will be ​sent to the ​Seattle-King County Dental Society.  You will begin to receive communications from the tripartite – the ADA, WSDA and SKCDS. This will include journals and newsletters from all three organizations, email announcements and your membership packet. The membership packet will provide you with access to the SKCDS members-only website, helpful information about events and continuing dental education courses as well as other relevant information from our merchant partners.

We look forward to including you in our community of over 1,700 members in the Seattle-King County area. Thank you for your interest!

Every Dentist Matters - During Times of COVID, Crisis & Calm

At Seattle-King County Dental Society, we are working to help bring dentists together to build a strong united professional community. These are uncertain times, and we understand that there are many difficult decisions that dentists in Seattle and King County are having to make right now.

In times of crisis, the best thing we can ask for as professionals is one unified voice. We need that community not only for leadership and guidance through a crisis, but also for emotional and mental support. As a profession, our community and our voice is only as strong as the members that support it. Therefore, I am writing to you today - to ask you to join your colleagues in organized dentistry.

Membership in SKCDS brings with it a long list of benefits. And I strongly believe that the Society provides something important for each and every one of our members. Membership is an investment in our political strength… and also in the strength of your practice!  Members save money on legal fees from a patient complaint (Peer Review), continuing education and more. Did you know that members have access to a human resource consultant at no charge? Members also enjoy free CDE classes and networking events. 

In our offices, cash flow is king, so we offer the option to pay your tripartite membership dues in monthly installments. After an easy set up process, your membership dues are automatically charged to your credit card each month. This option will help you to manage your cash flow and resources much more easily. Of course, you can still pay your membership in one payment, but giving members options on how to pay their dues was good for everyone.

We understand that these are unprecedented times, and that finances are likely to be tight. That's why we are able to approve full or partial dues waiver for those experiencing current financial hardship. If you find yourself in this situation, we want you as a member, please use the link below to obtain & apply for a dues waiver and return it to WSDA at and we will do whatever we can to help.

Please consider joining your colleagues in organized dentistry. It really is the best way to have our unified professional voice heard. It’s good for dentists and our patients. Only together can we make dentistry what WE want it to be!