The Seattle-King County Dental Society is a membership society for the almost 1,700 dentists practicing in King County. Each of these dentists is also a member of the Washington State Dental Association and the American Dental Association. Seattle-King County Dental Society provides a number of services to the general public (see below). In addition to those services, the Society provides many benefits to member dentists. Continuing Dental Education (a licensing requirement) as well as a quarterly newsletter are among several membership benefits.

Seattle-King County Dental Society is closely affiliated with the Seattle-King County Dental Foundation. The Foundation is a 501 (c)3 organization that funds numerous programs and services in King County. The Seattle-King County Dental Society is also the sole shareholder in the Physicians and Dentists Credit Bureau.

Services for the Public

The Seattle-King County Dental Society provides a free referral service for the dentists and specialists in King County. In addition, we provide and refer members of the public to minimum cost dental clinics. Member dentists regularly volunteer their services for events that educate the general public about the importance of good oral health. Seattle-King County Dental Society sponsors an annual "Give Kids A Smile Day"·which provides free dental screening to children who may not have ever seen a dentist.

The Society has a number of access to dental care initiatives including the ABCD (Access to Baby and Child Dentistry), the Donated Dental Services and a free referral service.