Privacy Policy

The Seattle-King County Dental Society (SKCDS) collects, processes, stores and uses for such lawful purposes as it determines, data collected from users of this SKCDS Web site. The collected information may include personal information you provide, for example, when you complete a contact form request. The SKCDS system may also place software code tags on your computer to recognize when your computer is again logged onto the SKCDS Web site.

SKCDS, as well as the ADA and WSDA, may send you marketing materials from time to time. It may also authorize others like our Dental Foundation to use the ADA database to send solicitations.

The ADA database utilized by SKCDS is proprietary to it and in the course of business it may change this policy or the lawful ways in which it uses the database from time to time without obtaining your consent.

Please direct questions or concerns about this policy to