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Grant Application

Our Board of Directors has recently revised its grant giving guidelines to conform to our mission and vision statement. We are interested in programs in King County only and those that work to eliminate dental pain and infection. Please carefully review our mission in order to ensure your program helps us achieve our goals. We will be particularly interested to learn how you will measure your progress towards our goals.

Our deadline for 2016 funding has passed. Our deadline for 2017 grant requests will be December ​29, 201​​7.

You must submit one original paper copy of your application and any accompanying materials to our offices by that deadline in order to be considered. We also require that you email an electronic version of your application and materials to us. The Board will review all applications received by December 30th at its meeting in February. They may - or may not - request additional information at that time. The Board will make grant awards at its May meeting.

The Board of Directors will notify the requesting organization of its decision on any grants shortly after its May 201​7 meeting. Please be advised that the Seattle-King County Dental Foundation requires the immediate receipt of any grants awarded and will require reporting on how funds are spent.

Download: Grant Giving Guideline and Grant Application