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Links and Forms

Find Your Legislator

Click here to find your Washington State Legislators. It will show you which legislators represent you.

Helpful Forms

Here is the ADA Retired Affidavit. You will use this form if you are planning to completely retire from the active practice of dentistry and wish to pay a reduced dues amount.

Here is the ADA Waiver Form.  You will complete this form if you require a reduction or complete waiver of your annual dues for either temporary financial hardship or disability.

Resources for making your website ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant

Website Accessibility 2017
How to Add Video Captioning in YouTube
ALT Tags Recommendations

Update Your Find-A-Dentist Profile

The ADA's new Find-a-Dentist tool is live, making it easier than ever for potential patients to find ADA member dentists. Inspire our members to participate in this initiative by updating your Find-a-Dentist profile. You'll benefit too, because completed profiles will be prioritized in search results, increasing the chance that potential patients will click on your profile. Clink the link below to create your profile and learn more about the campaign.