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Peer Review

The Peer Review Committee meets once a year and is open to any member volunteer who has been practicing for at least five years.  In addition to the annual committee meeting, members will be asked to participate in telephone mediation and peer review panels to settle disputes between members and their patients as needed.  The committee operates within the WSDA Peer Review Procedure Manual and provides free mediation for patients who have quality of care concerns about a member's treatment.

To watch a video about Peer Review works, please click the link below.

Peer Review Video
We provide the most current minutes for this Committee below.  Older minutes are available upon request by contacting the Central Office at 206.448.6620 or by emailing us at

May 2017
May 2018
Dr. Kal Klass (Chair)   Dr. Hashim Chothia Dr. J Michael Hardy  Dr. Thomas Quickstad   Dr. Miki Suetsugu
 Dr. Paul Benoit  Dr. Katherine Christian  Dr. Randall Maebo Dr. James Reid   Dr. James Swanson
 Dr. Mark Bingham  Dr. Irving Cohen  Dr. Andy Marashi  Dr. James Rosenwald  Dr. Douglas Walsh
 Dr. Dale Bloomquist  Dr. Ryan Fox (Liaison)  Dr. Jurga Martini  Dr. Ralf Schuler  Dr. Rodney Wentworth
 Dr. Timothy Butson  Dr. Linda Fukuda  Dr. Gerrarda O'Beirne  Dr. David Silver  Dr. Charles Young