The Membership Committee works to recruit and retain Dental Society members and meets quarterly.  The Committee is responsible for identifying members' needs and crafting benefits to meet them.  Additionally, they are responsible for new member orientation and educating dental students about organized dentistry.

Member Meeting Minutes:                             Committee Meeting Minutes:  
November 2020                                                August 2021
October 2020                                                    May 2021
April 2020                                                          February 2021
February 2020                                                  August 2020
January 2020                                                    June 2020 


Interested in Helping SKCDS Grow?

Let us know how you are interested in volunteering at the form found here!


 Dr. Ohie Charoenkul, Chair  Dr. Adam Kennedy
 Dr. Imahn Moin Dr. Tofunmi Osundeko
 Dr. Audrey Tatt  Dr. Princy Rekhi
 Dr. Van Anh La Dr. Brigitte Higgins
 Dr. Harlyn Susarla   Dr. Chapin Densmore
Ms. Merissa de la Zerda (D2)  Ms. Karen Ghatore (D3)


 Dr. Steven Albright  Dr. Randy Ogata
 Dr. Isabella Amar  Dr. Princy Rekhi
 Dr. Teresa Cheng  Dr. Karen Sakuma
 Dr. Ohie Charoenkul  Dr. Erjia Mao

Training Documents for Ambassadors

Training documents with information when Ambassadors met in person. Updated information will be posted shortly with considerations for an optimized virtual experience.

View Training Video (2021-May)

View Power Point (2021-May)

During the "virtual" interview, the Ambassador should have the Form for Ambassadors open to fill out during and after the meeting.  

Thank You for volunteering to be an SKCDS Ambassador!