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The Membership Committee works to recruit and retain Dental Society members and meets quarterly.  The Committee is responsible for identifying members' needs and crafting benefits to meet them.  Additionally, they are responsible for new member orientation and educating dental students about organized dentistry.

We provide the most current minutes for this Committee below.  Older minutes are available upon request by contacting the Central Office at 206.448.6620 or by emailing us at

November 2017
March 2018
June 2018
August 2018

 Dr. Joe Vaughn, Chair Dr. Randy Ogata 
 Dr. Ohie Charoenkul  Dr. Tofunmi Osundeko
 Mr. Hakan Y. Gem  Dr. Princy Rekhi
 Dr. Rachel Kramer  Ms. Kelsey Smith
 Dr. Rica Mackert  Dr. Audrey Tatt
 Dr. Imahn Moin  Dr. Kimberly Winton
Dr. Steven J. Albright  Dr. Brett Nydegger   Dr. Karen Sakuma
 Dr. Theresa Cheng  Dr. Randy Ogata  Dr. Miki Suetsugu
 Dr. Adam Kennedy  Dr. John Petrini  Dr. Gina Trask
 Dr. Paul Kennedy  Dr. Stephen Pong  Dr. Camille VanDevanter
 Dr. Er-Jia Mao  Dr. Princy Rekhi  Dr. Kim Winton