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The Forensics Committee works to explore and establish a contingency plan, in cooperation with related groups in King County, to handle various situations--such as a mass fatality event--which call for forensic dental assistance and identification.  We provide the most current minutes for this Committee below.  Older minutes are available upon request by contacting the Central Office at 206.448.6620 or by emailing us at

May 2017
July 2018

 Dr. Kyle Tanaka (Chair)  Dr. Timothy Hess Ms. Victoria Magoonbarker   Ms. Jane Moreno
 Dr. Taylor Barry  Dr. Gary Heyamoto  Dr. Felix Marcial  Ms. Jennifer Murphy
 Dr. Gary Bell  Dr. Kirk Kallander  Dr. Jeff Marks  Dr. Gary Pyfer
 Ms. Kaitlin Csonka  Dr. Kirk King (Liaison)  Dr. Neil McGee  Ms. Lisa Smith
 Dr. Tracy DeLorm  Dr. Michael Kitsis  Ms. Francy Merritt (RDH)  Dr. James Stephens
 Dr. Dean Dyson  Dr. Chris Lewis  Ms. Heidi Miller (RDH)  Dr. Rodney Wentworth