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Executive Council

 The Executive Council is the governing board of the Dental Society.  Its members are elected by the membership.  The Council is responsible for oversight of all operations of the Society as well as the hiring and management of the executive director of the Society.  Each Committee of the Society  has an Executive Council member who serves as a liaison. Executive Council meetings are open to all current members--all we ask is that you RSVP your attendance so that you may be included in our meal counts.

We provide the most current minutes for this Committee below.  Older minutes are available upon request by contacting the Central Office at 206.448.6620 or by emailing us at

 September 2017   March 2018: Vote
 October 2017   April 2018
 November 2017  May 2018
 January 2018  May 2018: Vote
 February 2018  June 2018
 March 2018  August 2018

Executive Officers

 Dr. Kirk King 
 Dr. Lisa Egbert 
 Dr. Criag Neal 
Past President 
 ​ Dr. Eric Wagar 
 Dr. Frederica Mackert
Executive Council 2018-2019

      Executive Council

 Dr. Austin Baruffi 

Dr. Libby Kutcipal

Dr. Noah Letwin
Dr. ​Imahn Moin

Dr. Shane Ness

 Dr. Amanda Spivey 

Dr. Joe Vaughn