The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen Are In Seattle

Welcome to the Seattle-King County Dental Society’s (SKCDS) Dental Hygiene Job Board! We have asked SKCDS member dentists to provide emails, phone numbers, primary contacts and job descriptions for you to peruse and choose a position that sounds like a good fit for you. Feel free to contact as many or as few dentists as you see fit, this portal is intended as an informational resource for you as you choose a direction for your career in a new and exciting place! Please note: anything pertaining to financial compensation has been removed; that is a discussion between the office and the dental hygienist.

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License requirements are different for dental hygienists in Washington State than in many other locations you might have explored for your long-term plans. Recent graduates may not have sufficient hours for reciprocity so please read ALL requirements. The requirements can be found here at the Washington State Dental Association's Resource Page. Additionally, the Dental Hygiene Initial Limited License Application Packet can be found here.