Give Kids A Smile


Many kids lack access to dental care...but so do many teens and expectant mothers. According to the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center, children whose mothers have poor oral health are five times more likely to have oral health problems than children whose mothers maintain good oral health.

You already know this...but did you know your office can help make a difference?

Join Us!

We would like to repeat our previous years' success and ask that you please join us in this year's campaign during the entire month of February, focusing on children. Whether you partner with a social service agency, a local middle school or high school, or conduct your own Day of Care, your Seattle-King County Dental Society staff are here to help; just call us at (206) 448-6620. 

Your Seattle-King County Dental Society is here to help!

• We'll help you brainstorm - who and how to contact those in need;
• We'll provide needed forms for dental offices (e.g. release forms, etc.);
• We'll help develop tools to track the value of your time and treatment efforts;
• We'll work with local and social media to increase access to and visibility of your efforts;
• More help is available through the ADA website: