Seattle-King County Dental Foundation

The goal of the Seattle-King County Dental Foundation, simply put, is to eliminate dental pain and infection in King County residents who need assistance accessing dental care. Since 1992, we have given away grants totaling over $1,300,000.

Nobody should suffer for lack of basic dental care in King County. Our Foundation is dedicated to this important ideal. The Foundation works closely with the Seattle-King County Dental Society and its membership to achieve this goal.

Our Mission

The Seattle-King County Dental Foundation is dedicated to proactively eliminating dental infection and pain in the King County population that lacks resources and/or access to dental care.

We do this by:
• Advocating and facilitating access for the underserved;
• Increasing awareness of and resources for new and existing programs;
• Partnering with others that can help; and,
• Demonstrating responsible use of our resources to our donors.


To make a donation to the Seattle-King County Dental Foundation, please fill out this donation form.

Award Nomination

The Seattle-King County Dental Foundation wants to honor those in our community who have gone above and beyond in the field of dentistry and service. To that end, we have developed the following awards, and encourage your participation in nominating someone whom you feel meets (or exceeds!) the criteria:
• Lifetime Achievement Award
• Volunteer of the Year
• Community Partner of the Year
• Donated Care Award
Click here to access the nomination form.  

Seattle-King County Dental Foundation ​Video

To view our Mission Overview video on YouTube, click here