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Officers & Staff

Executive Officers

Dr. Lisa Egbert 
 Dr. Austin Baruffi
 Dr. Kirk King 
Past President 
 ​  Dr. Scott Parker
 Dr. Jamie Kuo
Executive Council 2018-2019

From left to right: Dr. Craig Neal, Dr. Shane Ness, Dr. Noah Letwin, Dr. Amanda Spivey, Dr. Eric Wagar, Dr. Lisa Egbert, Dr. Austin Baruffi, Dr. Rica Mackert, Dr. Joe Vaughn and Dr. Libby Kutcipal. (Not pictured: Dr. Kirk King and Dr. Imahn Moin)

      Executive Council

Dr. Mark Egbert   

Dr. Libby Kutcipal

Dr. Noah Letwin
Dr. Craig Neal

Dr. Kyle Sorensen

Dr. Amanda Spivey

Dr. Joe Vaughn

WSDA Delegates

 2019 Term Expiration

2020 Term Expiration

2021 Term Expiration

Dr. Austin Baruffi

Dr. Lisa M. Egbert Dr. Austin Baruffi
Dr. Kirk E. King

Dr. Ryan M. Fox
Dr. Chaplin Densmore

Dr. Christine Kirchner

Dr. Timothy A. Hess  Dr. Adam Kennedy 

Dr. Gregory Y. Ogata

Dr. Frederica M. Mackert  Dr. Imahn Moin

Dr. Jeffrey A. Schur

Dr. Randall H. Ogata

Dr. Mikaeyli Moore Fujita

Dr. Christine K. Shigaki   

Dr. Negar Sherkat

Dr. Craig Neal
Dr. Judson A. Werner

Dr. Daniel M. Tremblay 
Dr. Sam Sage 

Dr. Kyle Sorensen
Dr. Lee Zamos