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2017 - 2018 Continuing Education

When courses are offered, you may register online or by opening a registration form (which you can fax or send to us). You may also call our office: 206.448.6620 or email us.  One further note:   A confirmation email will be sent ONE WEEK PRIOR to the event. This email will have directions to the venue and any other pertinent information, so please be sure to check your Inbox and Spam filters.  If you do NOT receive a confirmation email, you might not be registered.  Please call us immediately at 206.448.6620.

Medical Billing for Dental Practices; and Coding For Medical and Dental Claims

  • Fri, Oct 13, 2017 | 8:30 AM - Fri, Oct 13, 2017 | 4:30 PM
  • Location: Emerald Queen Conference Center
  • Address: 5700 Pacific Highway E, Fife, Washington, USA
  • Email:
  • Website:

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Medical Billing for Dental Practices

Dental practices are filled with patients that pay premiums for medical insurance policies that have benefits available for services they render. Accessing medical benefits requires the dental office to step out of their “dento-centric” view of their practice and into a medical view. In this course, dental practices will learn to separate the medical portion of their services from the dental, identify when to file for medically necessary services and the basics of medical claim submission.
• Understand the basis for medical billing for dental practices
• Learn basic medical insurance terminology and concepts
• Understand the medical claims cycle and how it works
• Understand medical necessity for claims
• Learn ICD and CPT coding basics
• Learn what can be billed to medical insurance
• Learn how to complete the CMS1500 claim form


Coding For Medical and Dental Claims

ICD 10 replaced ICD-9 in October 2015. Changes to the ADA claim form require the use of ICD-10 diagnosis codes as does the CMS1500 medical claim form; thus, a working knowledge of ICD-10 is important for dental practices that file dental AND medical claims. This course will prepare the practitioner and staff for medical and dental claims using ICD-10.
• Learn the contents, organization, conventions and structure of
• Learn how to locate and assign a code with ICD-10-CM
• Learn how to prioritize your diagnosis codes for successful claims
• Learn how to code various clinical situations (ICD and CPT) including exam, consultation, radiographs, CT, emergencies, TMD, sleep apnea appliance and surgical removal of wisdom teeth

This class will be held at

AGD Educational Center

19415 International Blvd, Ste 410, SeaTac WA 98188

Advanced Medical Dental Billing Workshop

This course will focus on adding dental medical billing to your practice and navigating the dental medical billing world. Once dental practices are fundamentally sound in the claims process, medical claims may be successfully submitted for "beyond the basics" services. This is the ultimate in-depth coding course for surgeries, appliances, and trauma claims plus more! Basic medical billing concepts are not covered in this course. A working knowledge of the medical claim form and the claims process is a prerequisite for registration. This course is not appropriate for practices with little or no medical claims experience.


This course is designed as a follow-up to Friday’s class. It is strongly encouraged that both the dentist and the staff attend together.


There is a discount if you register for this bundled class before Friday, October 13th.


Course Prerequisites: Billing for Dental Practices

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NEW Cancellation Policy

Due to the new Membership Meeting registration procedure, our Cancellation Policy has changed. ​Here is the current CDE Class Cancellation Policy.

Additional Course Resources

Please note that the Washington State Dental Association publishes continuing dental education in their monthly magazine called the WSDA News. You may also want to contact the University of Washington School of Dentistry Continuing Dental Education office 206.543.5448.

You may also wish to visit the online continuing dental education offered through the ADA. Visit to see their list of available courses. Remember that of the 21 continuing education hours required for your annual license renewal, you may only take up to 7 credit hours through self-study.